Resfinex Token RES: A Practical Overview

We created Resfinex Token RES with the goal of making a highly liquid and secure digital asset exchange.

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  • The current circulating supply is 105,750,000 RES.
  • Total RES burned: 4,750,000 RES
  • RES is earned through staking at Resfinex and can be trade against ETH on Resfinex or Mercatox exchange. RES will be listed on 4 top tier exchanges in 2020.
  • In the future we will design RES holders as an ownership stake in Resfinex, earned in the form of profit sharing on Resfinex Platform.

RES entitles holders to reduce the trading fee by 50% and earning staking reward from revenue generated on Resfinex. The ownership will become more decentralized as more features add and trading grows.

The users can buy or sell RES tokens on Resfinex or Mercatox exchange. We are in negotiating with top tiers exchanges to list RES tokens. We target listing RES on 4 exchanges in 2020, with each exchange per quarter.

In 2020, RES holders are not only benefit from discount trading fees and staking reward ( We will extend the staking program to the end of 2020), but also using for other future services such as Margin trading, Lending and the right to vote for listing new tokens.

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RES Staking Program

The RES token is compatible with the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. As a result of this, you will be able to store your RES token on whichever wallet you use. We recommend using COINS wallet which integrated RES token and very intuitive UI.

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COINS Wallet

Token Distribution

You can find our official announcement for token distribution here. The total supply 1 billion tokens, 89% will be locked up 2 years in multi-signature wallets and store in addresses here.

40% of initial supply for founding team and 19% is reserved, those RES tokens will use after 2 years locked up if needed for operational activities or further incentives, whist the remaining 30% are reserved to be potentially used to attract investors and on-board future development partners who will help Resfinex to improve and act upon our vision.

Circulating Supply

The remaining 11% of the initial supply will be used for operation cost on Resfinex platform and trading on exchanges. The RES tokens being created based on the trading volume on Resfinex.

In the long term, the vision of Resfinex is to become the best and the most secure digital asset exchange, and adopting new type of tokens and blockchains.

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Resfinex is a digital asset trading platform for Ethereum tokens, Bitcoin and innovative blockchains.

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