Resfinex Review, 2020: The Resfinex Ecosystem is growing

Within the first two months of 2020, we welcomed 9 projects into our Ecosystem, implemented cutting edge 2FA powered by ADAMAN TECH LABS, integrated into Blockfolio App, a sophisticated Affiliate Program and more.

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Starting 2020 with expanding blockchain ecosystem.

We’re starting this year by onboarding 9 projects into our ecosystem. We are the first exchange integrated successfully the cutting edge security technology Two-factor authentication (2FA) on blockchain powered by ADAMANT TECH LABS LP, our official partnership. This shows our commitment to put security of our user first and to encourage adoption of blockchain technology into the real life. This 2FA method also is an important part of our ongoing commitment to strengthen our security and make it easier for users.

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In March, we will support Bitcoin BTC trading. In addition to these updates, we are working hard to support many new projects, features via the Resfinex ecosystem this March.

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Resfinex is a digital asset trading platform for Ethereum tokens, Bitcoin and innovative blockchains.

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