Resfinex 2020- Recent, Future Developments

The progression of Resfinex over the last two months has been incredible, with more than nine thousand active users and many projects joined our ecosystem. We achieved that growth in barely two months.

In terms of technical, there are two very important developments in progress. They will help Resfinex’s ecosystem and its navtive token RES expand further.

Firstly, we will open a new trading market against RES in the fourth quarter. This effectively increases the demand for RES and will positively impact the price of RES.

Secondly, we have formed a research & development (R&D) team who are in charge of developing derivative and future products trading as well as building a new trading engine which will be able to serve millions of users. When it comes to crypto derivatives, volatility, lending and liquidity are the biggest risk that users face. To reduce these risks, we are focused on developing a good margin ratio system in order to process large positions. This is a very complex product, a small issue can be extremely costly. That is why we set at least 12 months for developing and testing and will release in the second quarter of 2021.

In terms of Business, we are planning for raising private & public RES token sales in the next 12 months. As in white paper, we have not conducted any IEO or ICO. Instead, we set 30% of the total RES supply for future investors.If you are interested in investing in RES for a private round, please email

It is important to note that the Resfinex exchange project is the first milestone of our long-term mission. It will pave the road for building a strong liquidity network, user base, team and awareness to fulfill our vision.

Exchange Updates

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