RES Liquidity Provider Incentive: 434% APR

  1. Bounce Finance:
  2. Resfinex Exchange:

How it works

  • You must first provide liquidity to the eligible pools above on Uniswap V2 and lock for 21 days after that. We will take snapshot the liquidity provider’s address daily.
  • The reward is paid in RES at the end of your lock-up period.
  • It should be locked up for a 21 days to earn the additional 25% of total amount of RES you provided in the pools.
  • Rewards will start being distributed to your address after ending your 21 days lock up.

About RES

Resfinex Token RES is the heart of the Resfinex ecosystem. We have carefully designed incentive schemes to increase network effects and demand for RES, and to decrease its circulating supply.



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