[Reminder] — Wallet Removal at 03 UTC November 8, 2021

Nov 5, 2021


Dear Users,

We wanted to inform you that certain coins and tokens that you hold will be removed from our wallet at Resfinex exchange.

1- Wallet Removal Tokens: FTM, ARTS,KP4R, XOR

Delist Announcement: https://trade.resfinex.com/announcement/announcement-notice-of-delist-trading-pairs-and-tokens

2- Wallet Removal Tokens: BTB, BTRS, PSRS, EGPT, UMA , HEGIC, BGTT, SKY, BASE, AXS

Delist Announcement: https://trade.resfinex.com/announcement/announcement-notice-of-delist-tokens-30-05

3- Wallet Removal Token: AOE

Delist Announcement: https://trade.resfinex.com/announcement/announcement-notice-of-delist-token

Please make sure that these coins and tokens are withdrawn before Monday, November 08, 2021, 03:00 UTC.

We thank you for your support as we continue to build the crypto ecosystem in a way that promotes transparency and long-term, sustainable growth.

Resfinex Team




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